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Hi! I'm Ian.

Are you ready to transform your universe?

“Be prepared to forget all you have learned!”


These were the words that came to me loud and clear one morning as I woke up.

Who said it? I don’t know. What does it mean? I didn’t know.

All I knew was that I had to write it down.

Now I know that this has been what I’ve been trying to do for the last 12 years... To forget all that I was taught since a young age.


General society, schools, television programs, and sometimes our families have it all backwards. I often wondered why the world would have a number of years where everything is relatively quiet and all is getting better then bam!, a war breaks out somewhere, the market crashes, the end of the world, or a new pandemic (sound familiar?). This cycle often happens on a personal level too. It can seem like nothing goes as planned.


We are all taught, you have just one life and to make the most of it. While this is mostly true, the one life part is not true at all. We are actually complicated multi-dimensional spiritual beings. How do I know? Well, if you’ve ever experienced deja vu, or had an outer-body experience or just thought about someone and the next thing you know, that person is calling you on your phone. Or if you ever questioned these kinds of things, I can tell you there are real answers and real practical applications to these experiences.


How to find your spiritual path is never taught in schools and not even in religion. It is a self-chosen path. One that you start on your own without bounds or limitations. Everything must be questioned and you have to ask yourself, is what I’ve been taught true for me? This is where I found myself, picking up the little breadcrumbs from spirit leading me to my answers and transformed my life to where I am now, fully aligned with my spiritual purpose.


I am a spiritual channel and I'm here as your spiritual coach, counselor and mentor.


Like many, I went to school and got a degree (in computer science) and worked as an electronics engineer for many years. I even went back to my university to teach engineering, which I’m still doing now. Somewhere in the middle when everything was going really well, my whole world came crashing down. But in the past 12 years with the help of my acclaimed spiritual teachers and mentors, I’ve had a massive expansion of insight and a greater connection to my spiritual being.


My teaching experience will come in handy as I share with you all I have learned and practiced to guide you on your own self-chosen spiritual path to transform your life. I’m glad your breadcrumbs have led you here. Be ready to forget all that you’ve learned!


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